Sono Coffee Shop has become a favorite hangout for coffee connoisseurs, poets, writers, or anyone who enjoys a great beverage. We proudly donate 10% of all profit to select charity's around the world. And of course, we are extremely eco-friendly. Sono Coffee Beans cleverly blends post modern and vintage styles to create a comfortable online spot that welcomes a spectrum of visitors from business people, to artist and philosophers...Our visitors come for superior quality essentials, coffee beans, and friendly surroundings. Come relax and stay a while at Sono Coffee Owners Jeremiah & Kassandra Reynolds and Josh & Sarah Schrock started the dream of Sono Coffee Beans in 2006, after years of visiting friends in towns across the country. They loved the late night coffee shops; with their eclectic mix of people, the uplifting aroma of fresh coffee beans, and comfortable surroundings. They realized that the online world lacked a real coffee shop. Inspired by Jeremiah and Josh's warmth and spirit, Sono Coffee is attracting a large following who frequent our online coffee shop. Definitely one of the nets most unique experiences. More than atmosphere, great music, and cozy comforts, Sono Coffee Shop has always been about the finest coffee on earth. From freshly roasted fair-trade coffees, to the finest imported coffee beans, coffee presses, and teas... Sono Coffee Shop creates every order with love and attention.

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